Your employees are your most important asset, and maintaining compliance by tracking their pay, accruals, and expenses is critical to your business. With our optional payroll service, you’ll always be on the latest payroll tax tables for accurate processing.

Process Payroll

Pay your employees electronically or by printing paychecks while keeping track of all payroll information in a single location. Download federal, state/provincial, and local payroll tax table updates as they change, often several times a year. Unlimited employees for $20/month (addt’l fees for electronic payments).

Direct Deposit or Print Checks

Use our optional direct deposit service (merchant account req’d) to pay your employees via ACH, or print paper paychecks, and print or email pay stubs.

Manage Payroll Categories

Manage your employees’ payroll wage categories, such as hourly, salary, overtime, and commission, deductions like 401k and health care, accruals for sick and vacation time, plus expense categories.

Manage Timesheets

Easily track employee time by filling in a timesheet, using recurring pay, or copying the previous timesheet.

Why AccountEdge?

One of your core responsibilities and headaches is paying your employees. But it is so much more than that – you must manage payroll taxes and forms, local, city, state, and federal compliance, and deadlines. AcountEdge makes it easier with no per-employee charge and optional web tools and services.

Employee Payroll Information

Employee Payroll Information

Employee payroll information is conveniently located on a single card with access to personal details, default wages, accruals, deductions, and employer expenses. Set up recurring pay and view pay history.

AccountEdge Full Service Payroll

AccountEdge Full Service Payroll

Outsource your payroll, powered by SurePayroll a Paychex company. Once set up, you simply log in to review and confirm your payroll. Your payroll taxes will be paid accurately and on time, and you’ll have online access to payroll reports. (US Only)

Payroll Tax Forms Service

Payroll Tax Forms Service

Access over 330 more federal and state forms to be filled out directly from AccountEdge Pro; we offer an optional Payroll Forms Service (US Only).

Prepare Payroll Tax Forms

Easily process your W2s and W3s or T4s and RL-1s for free. Print to plain paper or purchase the pre-printed form.


Customize and view payroll reports for employee earnings, employer accruals, and liabilities. Reports include payroll liabilities, tax and compliance (940, 941, RL-1, and T4), and recurring pay reports.

Customize Forms

Customize your paychecks, pay stubs, and payroll tax forms by adding and moving fields and inserting images, logos, and shapes. Buy our approved AccountEdge Checks and Forms or bring your own and customize them.

Pay Employer Liabilities

Pay accrued payroll liabilities, such as deductions, expenses, or taxes for a selected period by selecting the category and amount you want to include.

Sick and Vacation Accruals

Define and track sick and vacation time accruals for employees.


E-Filing is an optional add-on to the Payroll Forms Service and allows for single form eFiling or package pricing for 70% off individual filing pricing. eFiling completes your forms from the information in AccountEdge.